BaseStation mobility


I am hoping to use the Vienna system level simulator to simulate scenarios where base stations move, with their motion being controlled by an external agent . My questions are:

how challenging would it be for me to modify it to do so?
And,how can i do?

TSAI,hsin chang

Dear Hsin-Chang,

The simulator doesn’t readily support mobile base stations (i.e., we don’t have a parameter class for that). However, the base station positions are saved per time slot and we have movement models for users, which can probably be adapted for your purpose. Fixing the base station positions for each time slot (without a movement model that decides which direction the base stations move) is another option. Lastly, we haven’t tried using an external agent in conjunction with the simulator.


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I would recommend extending the predefined position base station class to include positions over time. This should be possible with low effort. Additionally, you should verify that all calls to retrieve the base station position include the current slot in order to make sure that the mobile positions are really used.

If the base station positions change faster than the user positions, I would also recommend adapting the setting of new segments. Otherwise, the macroscopic fading calculation will not be updated for new base station positions.

Good luck and best regards,

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