Can I get the Vienna 5G link level simulator for personal use?

Hi everyone. I’m more than happy to find someone doing link level simulation on the net. I’m an engineer at a small company. I’m learning 5g by doing some simple link level simulation on a simple simulator in the spare time. The study is independent from my work. I just want to be prepared for future opportunities. So it seems that I can’t get the Vienna 5G link level simulator for personal use, right?

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Since I can’t get the Vienna 5G link level simulator for now, may I ask someone who happens to have done the simulation of 3GPP TS 38.101 to kindly compare his results to mine at github repository c1119 5G-NR-DL-BB-ALGS, and tell me the performance gap. I’ve done the simulation on a very simple platform but I think it is specification compliant. I’m very eager to know how it performs even if it’s a bad message. Those who haven’t done the same simulation may ignore this. Thanks a lot.

Hi, bad news is for personal use the user have to purchse the license :sweat_smile:

It seems hard for someone already works to get a license. So the only hope is that someone done the same simulation kindly points out my performance gap frim his/hers. :smile:

Good luck!

Are there other famous forums for link level simulation?

hello huang,

could you provide a guide to purchase the license?

thx :grin:

Hello Suscake,

The simulator is free for academic non-commercial use. For a commercial use license, please contact Univ.Prof. Markus Rupp at