Community association mechanism

Hello, I saw the introduction of cell correlation in Chapter 7.5 of the 5G System-Level Simulation Manual, but I am not sure whether to use the reference power maximum cell as the service cell or the broadband SINR maximum as the service cell. Can you easily answer which scheme is used in the simulation of heterogeneous networks?


Unfortunately I do not understand what you specifically mean by cell correlation.

The simulator offers two distinct association strategies for the users. One is to attach the users to the basestation from which they potentially receive the highest power (maxReceivePower). The other one takes the inter-cell interference into account by means of choosing the cell offering the highest wideband SINR (maxSINR) for the user. Both the calculation of the wideband SINR as well as the receive power is based on the transmit power of the basestation(s), the channel in terms of the macroscopic fading and the receivers’ (users’) noise power. To this end, a simulation scenario can be tailored by setting the parameter “cellAssociationStrategy” to either “parameters.setting.CellAssociationStrategy.maxSINR” which represents the default value, or “parameters.setting.CellAssociationStrategy.maxReceivePower” respectively.

The question of whether to favor the maxSINR over the maxReceivePower strategy strongly depends on the specific simulation you want to perform and assumptions you make. One question you may want to ask for your scenario is, whether the system is interference limited (which is typically the case) or not? If it is interference-limited, then favoring the maxSINR strategy may offer better network utilization.

I hope I could answer your questions to some extent. Please do not hesitate to reply if something is still unclear.

Oh, first apologize for the inappropriate description of my problem, and then thank you so much for your answer that made me understand what the problem is.