Error in 5g link level simulator

when I run the main.m file for the first time in MATLAB2018a after downloading the 5GLLSimulator, I got the following error massage:

‘Error using builtin
Unknown RNG type: threefry4x64_20.
Error in RandStream.create (line 365)
s.StreamID = builtin(‘_RandStream_create_mex’,s.Type,s.NumStreams,s.StreamIndex,s.Seed,s.Params);
Error in main (line 45)
S =

Did I use an old version of MATLAB2018a or what is the reason, please


The generator algorithm threefry4x64_20 is not supported by MATLAB 2018a or older versions. The version you are using supports the following algorithms:

  • dsfmt19937
  • mcg16807
  • mlfg6331_64
  • mrg32k3a
  • mt19937ar
  • shr3cong
  • swb2712

You have to replace the type property of the RandStream object by an algorithm supported by MATLAB 2018a.


thanks Mariam, mlfg6331_64 is working , thanks a lot