How to install Vienna LTE-A DL SL Simulator in Matlab R2016

I have download the zip file of the simulator but the challenge i have been facing is how to install or configure the simulator in the Matlab. Please, help is needed here. best regards.

Hi izuchukwu,

Please check the LTEsystemDoc.pdf (in the documentation folder). We also have a video tutorial for this simulator. Kindly send us an e-mail to obtain the link and password. However, note that the LTE-A simulators have already been discontinued a few years ago, and we unfortunately no longer provide technical support for them.

Best regards,

.Good day sir. Thanks for your reply. Can i obtain 5G system level simulator and use it to simulate LTE?. Is there any supports for the 5G system level simulator?

Good afternoon sir. I appreciate your reply. Thanks a lot. Since there is no support for LTE-A Downlink system level simulator, does 5G system level simulator have supports? If so, How can i obtain the Venna 5G system level simulator so that i can use it to simulator LTE? Best regards.


Please submit the completed license agreement to get access to the 5G system-level simulator. You may post your questions about the simulator in this forum.