I am hoping to use the Vienna system level simulator to IRS (6G system), .
My questions are:
how challenging would it be for me to modify it to do so?
And,how can i do?

TSAI,hsin chang

I would say, it really depends on your basis. If you are very familiar with object-oriented programming in Matlab and you understand the simulator structure very well, then it will not be difficult for you to modify it. Otherwise, you may first need to understand how the simulator works, then you will know where to modify and how to modify it.
When you get familiar with the simulator structure and programming style, you can start to add simple IRS modules similarly as the existing parts in the simulator. For example, add IRS as a new network element, just like base station and users. Then generate channels for BS-IRS and IRS-user links, and choose path loss models for IRS-links and so on. The rest is to follow the main simulation loop in the file ‘ChunkSimulation.m’.
I would suggest you starting from a simple IRS model, using existing channel models and path loss models at the beginning, when the simple version works, you can start to implement some more complicated models in the simulator.

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