Interference Analysis in 6G

Hello everyone, I am using Vienna 5G simulator for calculating interference in 6G, can anybody guide me in this regard?anybody worked on it?

interference calculation is strongly dependent on the scenario you set up to investigate regardless of the deployed generation (be it 5G or 6G). Therefore, there is no generic answer to the question of how to calculate the interference for every scenario.

We probably can help you if you provide us with more details of your precise network setup/problem.

I am currently working on calculating the interference of the terrestrial network within the Vienna 5G SLS framework. Despite modifying the network elements and adjusting the parameters in the example.m to suit my scenario, I have encountered an issue. While I can obtain tabular results in the command window, I am unable to generate graphical outputs such as scenario figures, user deployment, CDF vs throughput graphs, and other interference-related graphs.

Could you please guide me on which packages or parameters I should adjust to ensure I can generate these graphical results?

Dear Sara,

do you get any graphical results when including
in your launcher file? That function should generate a few standard plots. If you want to generate custom plots, you can have a look at the code at the end of the launcherExample.m file. This shows you how you can extract data from the results object and plot it.

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yes i get some standard results, but unable to get the hexagonal scenario graph and the interference results. I

is there any technique implemented for Fractional frequency reuse in the simulator?