New Release 1.3 - Vienna 5G SL Simulator

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce a new release of the Vienna 5G System Level Simulator, that is version 1.3.

The simulator is provided for free under an academic, non-commercial use license. For this, please consider the license agreement that can be found in our website (Vienna 5G Simulators – Telecommunications). Companies, no matter whether profit-oriented or not, can purchase a license.

The new features and improvements are listed in the change log below.

Best regards,
The Vienna Cellular Communications Simulators Team

Newly introduced features:

  • traffic models: VoIP, Gaming, Video Streaming, HTTP, FTP
  • non-adaptive synchronous HARQ
  • model-based LOS/NLOS decision
  • weighted round robin scheduling
  • technology aware precoders
  • 256-QAM and 1024-QAM
  • NOMA MIMO support
  • NOMA feedback extension
  • uplink lite SINR
  • QuaDRiGa MIMO support
  • small-cell cell-association bias

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • maximum user speed is used for channel trace generation and calculating Doppler frequency for the small scale fading
  • signaling overhead toggle parameters (reference and synchronization signal can now be turned off)
  • refactored path loss calculation
  • INI power normalization bug fix
  • more optional additional results: total macroscopic fading, shadow fading, wall loss, antenna gain
  • uniform distribution of fixed number of Poisson street users and interference region base stations