New Release v1.4 - Vienna 5G SL Simulator

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce a new release of the Vienna 5G System Level Simulator, that is version 1.4.

The simulator is provided for free under an academic, non-commercial use license. Please consider the license agreement that can be found in our website. Companies, no matter whether profit-oriented or not, can purchase a license.

The new features and improvements are listed in the change log below.

Best regards,
The Vienna Cellular Communications Simulators Team

Newly introduced features:

  • ray tracing interface
  • MU-MIMO transmission
  • QoS aware scheduler
  • UL and DL layer-to-codeword mapping
  • open-loop spatial multiplexing (OLSM)
  • 3D channel model from 3GPP TR 38.901

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • elevationOffset angle for MIMO analog precoder is now in degree and calculation is adapted (before there was bug with mix of radians and degrees)
  • adds simulation progress output in command window
  • adds simulation time to results
  • adds additional results to lite simulation
  • adds link quality model SINR components to additional results
  • refactors user movement implementation
  • fixes INI precoder use: now the precoder of the interfering RB is used for INI power calculation
  • adds option fixed number of elements for Poisson distribution of street users and interference base stations
  • adds option to skip generation of streets in cities for faster simulations

Thanks for updating the simulator!
Has the uplink scenario functionality been made available in this release? If not, the mappings are available for custom uplink scenario development.