Open Street Map Parameters


I am getting errors while simulating launcherOpenStreetMap. I have only changed the latitude and longitude parameters in the OpenStreetMap scenario configurations as per the lines below;

%% Blockages
% The following parameters describe the specification of an OpenStreetMap
% city. The desired real-world area is specified via latitudes and
% longitudes, which can easily be obtained from openstreetmapdotcom via the
% “Export” feature.
openStreetMapCity =;
openStreetMapCity.latitude = [39.2650, 39.2850];
openStreetMapCity.longitude = [-6.8259, -6.8146];
openStreetMapCity.streetWidth = 5;

The following are the error messages;

Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.

Error in blockages.OpenStreetMapCity (line 57)
obj = obj.saveOsmBuildingList2Obj(osmDataList([osmDataList.isBuilding]));

Error in blockages.OpenStreetMapCity.getCity (line 82)
city = blockages.OpenStreetMapCity(cityParameter, params.regionOfInterest.interferenceRegion);

Error in simulation.SimulationSetup/createCitiesAndBuildings (line 262)
newCity = cityParameter.createCityFunction(cityParameter, obj.params);

Error in simulation.SimulationSetup/prepareSimulation (line 126)

Error in simulation.LocalSimulation/setup (line 51)

Error in simulate (line 64)

Error in launcherFiles.launcherOpenStreetMap (line 18)
result = simulate(@scenarios.openStreetMap, parameters.setting.SimulationType.local);

Dear Sophia,

thank you for your message. I have checked that set of coordinates and it did throw the same kind of error when I tried it. Upon further investigation I saw that the openstreetmaps query did not return any objects, this caused the error. I looked up the coordinates on openstreetmaps, they point to a place in Spain that doesn’t seem to have any objects (buildings, streets) that the simulator could extract.
If I switch latitude and longitude of the coordinates, they then point to a city where buildings can be extracted and the code works well.
Therefore, I hope it will work if you re-check the coordinates.

Best regards,