can you share the details of scheduling parameter because
i want to do text scheduling so what input parameters i must consider

Dear RekhaS,

could you please elaborate further on what exactly you need to know or what you are trying to do?
All scheduler parameters are visible and documented in +parameters/SchedulerParameters.m and SchedulerGroupingParameters.m (for Multi-User grouping).

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Dear Sir,
I wanted to implement scheduling algorithm so i would like to what all input parameters are used in existing scheduling algorithm.
Rekha S

Dear Rekha S,

if you want to implement a new scheduler/a new scheduling algorithm, you have to look at the parameters that Valerian mentioned in his post. You also need to add your new scheduler to the enumeration +parameters.setting.SchedulerType .
Please also keep in mind that you might need to specify additional scheduling parameters depending on the requirements of your algorithm.

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