Set up Uplink Scenario


I have been working with the simulator for some months but still have a fundamental question, so I want to post it here.
It appears that the System-level Full simulations (not lite) are only meant for Downlink Scenarios. Moreover, the parameter to change between uplink and downlink (“UpDownlink”) seems to be unused, and the “setUplinkTransmissionParameters” function appears to be not implemented.

Am I wrong with my assumptions? Is there any way to set up the uplink with the current simulation capabilities? If no, are there any plans to include uplink transmissions?

Best regards and congratulations for the great work,

Dear Enrique,

The latest version of the simulator supports the downlink operation only. We are currently working on the uplink functionality. However, as it takes time to implement it, we cannot say for sure on which release it will be included.