Setting Azimuth for AntennaArray

Hello Everybody
I’m trying to simulate a 5G Network for High Speed Train. To do so, I created one Base Station with predefined positions for 3 Antenna Elements. For the ThreeSector Antenna there is a parameter to define azimuth, which I couldn’t set for the AntennaArray. Is there a way to define, or at least determine the orientation of my array?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best Regards, Luca

BS1                 = parameters.basestation.PredefinedPositions();
BS1.type            = parameters.setting.BaseStationType.macro;
BS1.positions       = [0 580 1160; 5 -5 5].';
BS1.antenna         = parameters.basestation.antennas.AntennaArray;
BS1.antenna.nV      = 8;
BS1.antenna.nH      = 8;
BS1.antenna.nPV     = 1;
BS1.antenna.nPH     = 1;
BS1.antenna.height  = 10;
params.baseStationParameters('BS1') = BS1;

Dear Luca,

It should be possible to specify the azimuth and elevation for an antenna array (e.g. antenna.azimuth = value).
You can find a list of configurable parameters with their default values in +scenarios\example.m (refer to the antennaArray section).


Dear Charmae,
Thanks for the quick reply. The Problem solved itself when I updated from 1.1 to 1.3.

However, the documentation for parameters.basestation.antennas.Parameters/azimuth
states “azimuth angle […] in degrees. [1x1] double azimuth angle in radians[…]”.
I’m guessing this means a scalar value will be interpreted as degrees, while a matrix value is read as radians.

Also I would assume that with azimuth set to 0, an AntennaAray would have its maximum gain along the x-axis.

It would be great if you could confirm these assumptions. Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience.
Best Regards,

Dear Luca,

Sorry for the confusion. The azimuth angle (scalar) used for the antenna gain calculation is in degrees. Yes, the maximum gain would be along the x-axis when the azimuth angle is set to 0.


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