The order in which the Vienna 5G simulator runs

Hello, could you please introduce the overall running sequence of this simulator (that is, from the scene setting, after the base station user setting is completed, how to get the SINR and throughput of the model), at present, I can roughly use this simulator to complete a simple simulation, but for some detailed principles still can not understand, if you can help explain, I will be grateful

Dear syin_liu,

you can find a description on the working principles of the simulator in chapter 6 of the user manual, which is located in the “documentation” folder. Chapter 7 then offers a much more detailed explanation of each one of the steps.
Please do not hesitate to tell us if there is something unclear or you want some further explanation on specific aspects.

Best regards,

Dear Armand,
Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer questions. With the help of the user manual, I understand the implementation process of the simulator and find out what I need to modify in the simulator.
Best regards,