Throughput With HTTP traffic model

Hello Everyone !

I have a problem when i want to have Throughput result with http traffic model, I have the following message :
“Warning: Throughput results will not be shown since there are no active users.”

Please, help me

Hi NK-19,

did you check whether the users you defined actually have any traffic scheduled according to the traffic model? That warning should only appear when there are no packets to be sent.


Hi ANabavi, Thanks for your answer
I defined a scheduler. Here is my scenario :

function params = CheckGuide(params)

%% General Configuration
% time config
params.time.slotsPerChunk = 100;
params.time.feedbackDelay = 1; % small feedback delay

% define the region of interest & boundary region
params.regionOfInterest.xSpan = 400;
params.regionOfInterest.ySpan = 800;

% set carrier frequency and bandwidth
params.carrierDL.centerFrequencyGHz             = 2; % in GHz
params.transmissionParameters.DL.bandwidthHz    = 20e6; % in Hz

% associate users to cell with strongest receive power - favor femto cell association
params.cellAssociationStrategy                      = parameters.setting.CellAssociationStrategy.maxReceivePower;

% weighted round robin scheduler - scheduling weights are set at the user
params.schedulerParameters.type = parameters.setting.SchedulerType.roundRobin;

%% pathloss model container
% free space path loss
freeSpace = parameters.pathlossParameters.FreeSpace;

indoor	= parameters.setting.Indoor.indoor;
outdoor	= parameters.setting.Indoor.outdoor;
LOS     = parameters.setting.Los.LOS;
NLOS	= parameters.setting.Los.NLOS;
% macro base station models
macro = parameters.setting.BaseStationType.macro;
params.pathlossModelContainer.modelMap{macro,	indoor,     LOS}    = freeSpace;
params.pathlossModelContainer.modelMap{macro,	indoor,     NLOS}   = freeSpace;
params.pathlossModelContainer.modelMap{macro,	outdoor,	LOS}    = freeSpace;
params.pathlossModelContainer.modelMap{macro,	outdoor,	NLOS}   = freeSpace;

%% Configuration of the Network Elements
% macro base stations

posMacro    = [0;...

macroBS = parameters.basestation.PredefinedPositions();
macroBS.positions                  = posMacro;
macroBS.antenna                    = parameters.basestation.antennas.ThreeSector;
macroBS.nSectors                   = 3;
macroBS.antenna.height             = 30;
macroBS.antenna.elevation           = 90;
macroBS.antenna.baseStationType    = parameters.setting.BaseStationType.macro;
macroBS.antenna.transmitPower      = 40;
params.baseStationParameters('macro') = macroBS;

poissonNoUser = parameters.user.PredefinedPositions();
poissonNoUser.positions            = [50, 100; 10, -100;1.5, 1.5];
poissonNoUser.trafficModelType     = parameters.setting.TrafficModelType.HTTP;
poissonNoUser.schedulingWeight     = 100; 
poissonNoUser.channelModel         = parameters.setting.ChannelModel.AWGN;             = parameters.setting.NetworkElementTechnology.LTE;
params.userParameters('poissonUserFixed') = poissonNoUser;

Dear NK-19,

thanks for providing your scenario file. I have had a look at it and tested different things. It seems that with the selected simulation duration, that traffic model and the low number of users, there simply is no throughput to display since nothing is sent.
If you for example extend the simulation time to 1000 slots, you should see some throughput. Alternatively, I suggest increasing the number of users or selecting another type of traffic model.